Buy an hho electrolyzer in Australia

punch-5.0-side-profileThe First Ever Zer0 Current Leakage DryCell On On The Market!

The guys at Punch HHO work diligently to create the most efficient hydrogen HHO dry cells available! If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle to decrease emissions, save gas, improve horsepower, or deciding if you want to upgrade to hydrogen then you are in the right place!

With the economy facing the challenges it does today, and tomorrow not looking much brighter, it is now the time to upgrade to an economically safe vehicle. If you don’t want to purchase a hybrid but want to save on gas, then a properly installed hydrogen injection system is the best option to convert your vehicle to an alternative energy assisted vehicle.

“HHO injection is becoming more and more mainstream as the amazing results are being realized by people all around the world. As our technology advances and we continue to develop electrolyzers that are more efficient, these awesome results become easier to achieve. For example, with our newest DryCell the Punch 5.0, we were able to overcome a huge efficiency hurtle. Internal current leakage has traditionally hindered the ability to make a liter of HHO under 15 amps. We dealt with the current leakage issue by building a cell that doesn’t have any holes in the plates and isolates the reactive surface areas.” – PunchHHO, USA

Introducing the Punch 5.0. The most efficient HHO dry cell available to the public. Producing an astounding 1-LPM @ only 10 amps, this one of a kind drycell will be the new industry standard for on demand hodroxy! Don’t settle for anything less than the absolute best!

Introducing the new Punch 5.0 dry cell! Capable of over 1 LPM for every 10 AMPs!!!


Punch 5.0

*produces approximately 1 liter per minute for every 10 AMPs

* 316L 20 gauge stainless steel plates.

* 7 inches x 7 inches x 1 inches in dimensions.

* 7 plates.

Order directly from as we are not currently importing these to Australia for resale.

A full installation requires you to buy these items in addition to the electrolyzer:

  • A reservoir / “bubbler” tank, in a size and shape to suit the installation.
  • Fuse holder and 30-50 amp fuse to protect against short circuits.
  • A 40 amp accessory relay.
  • A 12v on off switch.
  • 6m of 18 gauge wire.
  • 3m of 3/8″ I.D. hose. (This can be just the cheap clear stuff the food grade with the braids inside or the black fuel line hose, if you source this yourself.)
  • 1-3/8 barb. (This is used where the gas hose will hook to your air intake.)
  • Some wire lugs or connectors. (I recommend just buying an assortment pack that comes with different sizes and types, if you source this yourself.)

Please, note that I do not sell EFIEs. If you need one, I recommend that you order one directly from: Advanced EFIE. You will need one of these if you have a gasoline fuel injected application.


punch-5.0-home-unit-3It’s Finally here! The Original Punch 5.0 Home Unit!

The First Ever Zer0 Current Leakage 220V DryCell On On The Market!

Introducing the Punch 5.0 Home unit! Operating at anywhere from 1 to 25 LPM. This unit plugs right into the wall, there is no need for car batteries and chargers to conduct your experiments or HHO HHU Home heating projects at home!

The Punch 5.0 Home Unit is 134 plates and uses the same over-under Zer0 current leakage technology as the base punch 5.0 “designed for automotive use.” This electrolyzer will produce 1 liter per minute of HHO for each amp it draws. As with everything built at PunchHHO, it is made of 316L stainless steel. This unit is laboratory quality and is built to last forever. If there is ever an issue with your Punch 5.0 home unit, simply send it back I will repair it and return it.

This is the complete Punch 5.0 home unit kit. It comes with the 134 plate electrolyzer (for Australian 220V power), water tank, and the 30 amp 220V dc power supply. We also added a really nice meter that tells you your exact voltage, current, and wattage draw! This system is ready to go. Just plug it into the wall, add water, flip the switch and go!